Communication Partnerships Program

Do It Yourself Products

Sounding Board’s Communication Partnerships Program is a subscription service that focuses on the most important aspect of any successful approach: its cumulative impact. For 12 months a year, you will receive ongoing trainings and resources that will help you take your communications to the next level.

Who is this program for?

Anyone inside of a school that wants to take their communication, marketing and public relations efforts to the next level with a DIY approach. We have services that will address specific, larger needs, such as issues/crisis management, awareness campaigns, and program/school marketing.  You can read about those here.

  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Communication and Public Relations Professionals
  • Executive Secretaries and Assistants
  • Media Specialists
  • IT Personnel

Tier 1: Capacity Building and Trainings: $200/month

Maybe you just need some inspiration, or new ideas throughout the year.  This is a great plan for those who want ongoing communication, PR and marketing inspiration and trainings. One new training will be provided each month on a variety of communication topics listed below.

Tier 2: Capacity Building, Trainings, Templates: $350/month

If you need some trainings, along with two communication templates for communication strategy development and crisis communications. One new training will be provided each month on a variety of communication topics listed below.

Tier 3: Capacity Building, Trainings, Four Templates: $600/month

This plan includes trainings as well as five communication templates communication strategy development, crisis communications, social media strategy development and social media content. One new training will be provided each month on a variety of communication topics listed below.

I am currently taking an interest list for these subscription services, which will be launched in mid-May 2020–please contact me today so that you can get the latest updates and to sign up!

Planned Topics for Recorded Trainings

Do you need help on topics like these? These are a preview of the training topics that will be offered through the Communication Partnership Program:
  • Crisis Communication: Keys to Inspiring Confidence During the “Critical Hour”
  • Launching a Communication Ambassador Program
  • Build Trust, Support Through Great School Bond Project Communication
  • Marketing Kindergarten: Why It’s Necessary and How to Do It Right
  • When Your Students Say #metoo: What’s Your Next Move When There’s No #metoo Playbook?
  • Four Step Public Relations for Principals
  • Branding…What it IS, and What is ISN’T
  • Celebrating the Everyday: Telling Your School’s/District’s Story
  • Social Media Content Planning and Boosters
  • Saving Time With Great Social Media Management Tools
  • Communication Strategy 101
  • Communication Program Planning: Research and Evaluation
  • Fantastic Focus Groups: A Key to a Successful Marketing and Communication Strategy
  • The 10 Commandments of a Successful New Website Launch
  • Key Messages: What Are They, and Why are They Important?
  • Social Media 101
  • Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Market Your School
  • How to Conduct Your Own Communication Walkthrough
  • Charting the Course to Excellent Teacher Communication
  • Community Engagement
  • Realtor Tours and Engagement
  • How To Navigate Communication Landmines
  • Creating Magical Customer Experiences
  • Reputation Management from The Ground Up
  • Ooops, We Messed Up: Handling Mistakes With Truth and Grace
  • Facing Difficult Conversations with Courage and Opportunity
  • Great Parent Engagement Events
  • Using Communication to Increase Parent Engagement
  • Key Communicators: Who Are They and Why Should You Have Them?
  • Great District and School Newsletters
  • Interview Tips With the Media
  • Creating an Attendance Campaign That Counts
  • Growing Your Small District Communication Team
  • When The Superintendent Manages Social Media…
  • Engaging Stakeholders as Thought Partners


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