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Tools and ResourcesWe like free stuff, so we figured you would, too!

Here are some resources that you can download and immediately use to improve your organization’s marketing and communication.

Keys to Inspiring Confidence During the “Critical Hour”

The first hour of a crisis is an opportunity to retain and maintain stakeholders’ confidence in your organization. Use this resource to learn 10 ways to inspire confidence during the “Critical Hour.”

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Six Steps to Building Your Social Media Strategy

Congratulations! Your organization decided to establish a social media presence! This resource helps answer the “Now, where do I start?” and other questions you may have about developing your organization’s social media strategy.

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The following are presentations made at conferences, including the California School Public Relations Association’s Annual Seminar and the California Consortium of Education Foundations.  Training presentations on public relations, marketing, crisis communications, social media, and customer service used with clients are part of the paid services offered by Sounding Board Marketing & Communications, and are not listed here.  Please contact Sounding Board Marketing & Communications about our engaging and valuable Capacity Building Workshops.

Presentation: Winning Students on a Dime: How to Build a Dynamo Marketing Team When You Can’t Hire Staff  | Presentation Handout
Presentation: Why Can’t We Be Friends? Bridging a Harmonious and Successful Relationship With Your IT Department

Presentation: Keys for Inspiring Confidence During the “Critical Hour” | Presentation Handout

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