2022 California School Public Relations Association Conference-Connect. Elevate.Inspire.

Picture collage from the California School Public Relations Association 2022 ConferenceWhat a wonderful two days to connect with our hard-working and dedicated group of school PR professionals at last week’s CalSPRA’s Annual Seminar.  I definitely feel like I connected, elevated my PR skills and experiences, and felt incredibly inspired by the over 200 professions who attended.
When I first moved into self employment as a consultant, I always felt this weird push and pull as a former district PIO turned businessperson at this conference.
But it’s never been about business for me—it’s about serving through sharing best practices, experiences and mentoring. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to give advice to new professionals, share issues management and social media strategies and just listen, learn, and discuss ideas with other pros. I had the pleasure of presenting with Monica Gutierrez of Murrieta Valley Unified School District on the delicate topic of strategically communicating with care and protecting employees who are transitioning their gender; I accepted two awards for the strategic and creative social media work that I’ve done with the Oroville Union High School District, which has increased their engagement and following; I had to the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues that I haven’t seen in person for two years.
Experiencing the growth of CalSPRA’s membership over the past 16 years, and the incredible changes to come, made me realize a few things that have never changed about this group: its mutual support, abundant helpfulness, and incredible friendships.
Thank you to incoming President Jessica Hull, Executive Director Trinette Marquis, MA, APR, the board and interns for their wonderful work on this conference!
Want to learn more about CalSPRA and how to join this amazing group of people?  Visit www.calspra.org!

Top left: With Matthew Jennings, President of the California School Public Relations Association.  I am holding two Awards of Excellence for my client, Oroville Union High School District.
Top right: With Monica Gutierrez, Director of Communications for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. We co-presented on how to strategically communicate with care and compassion when an employee is transitioning their gender.
Bottom left: With Rebecca Leroux of B43Productions.
I partner with Rebecca on quite a few client video projects, and she is simply the best videographer for school districts, schools and COEs.
Bottom right: With Marci McFadden, Chief of Staff / Chief of Communications and Community Engagement, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.  I absolutely love connecting with Marci at these conferences and in life.  She is a thoughtful, kind and strategic communicator.
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Heather McGowan increases public confidence in public education and improves opportunities for non-profit organizations to succeed through proactive communication and marketing. She provides strategic marketing and communication services that exceed her clients’ unique goals and delivers results that motivate audiences to act, change, and/or otherwise change behaviors for a greater good.

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